Marching Along the Days of March

Have a safe journey, Kuya! See you in Philippines soon!

Who would’ve thought that the month of March has come to its end. I’ve been working here in S.A.G. for nine months and sad to say, one of our co-volunteers had to say goodbye. But, why should I feel sad? There’s no reason for me to be lonely because I know that life is that. Let’s just accept the fact that people come and go in our lives and wherever we are staying in. At least, they had done their best to what they are working for. Seeing them happy, makes me feel happy as well.

Energy check to motivate students for the opening of class!!!

Summer semester has started in the second week of this month after the one-week break for students and teachers here in S.A.G. It’s good to see those old and the same faces of my students again most especially the 2nd years whom I didn’t handle as a class last semester. In addition, there are still one or two students in each year level who decided not to continue with their studies because of new opportunities or emotional problems in their lives. Still, I’m glad that many of them promised to finish their studies here. The summer class started with the Integrated Diploma Program and was followed by both Regular and Young Learners’ Program which occurred in the mid of March. On the fourth week of it, the Preparatory Program (for the incoming 1st years) had just opened.

I creatively made this lettering for half an hour. I hope Phoo Phoo likes it.

With the school’s opening of Young Learners, we had a belated birthday celebration with my student. Unfortunately, two of my students were absent that day, and one of them was our birthday celebrant. It might sound awkward but, we found some ways to have fun and not to waste the preparations that we had set forth for her. In the end, the celebration was still a success. Every day is awesome for me because of these kids. I’m just sad too that one of them didn’t attend the summer class, but I know that there’s a definite reason for that and I can understand it. Well at least, many of them attend my class and it’s good to see them still looking forward for more fun learning experiences. I don’t know why I’m so attached to them that every single day and night, I keep on thinking about them, the precious and unforgettable memories I have with them. They’re actually my very first advisory class as a teacher. They bring so much joy to me. They may be silent, but as long as you teach them well and make them laugh with your oh-so-funny yet insightful jokes, you would say that they’re the best students for you. When weekends come, I would feel like being left out or like lonely for I can’t see them. But, one way for me to keep in touch is to chat with them on Facebook. Ha-ha!

I’d never thought that could climbed up this mountain peak again!

March, march, march…. I marched along throughout the days of excitements and doubts. Troubles? I couldn’t remember at all for happiness weighs more than the troubles I encountered. They’re inevitable sometimes, but I learned a lot. Moments… I have lots… How can I ever forget these? They’re just too precious for me. Guess what? This month has brought me some things I couldn’t forget and will never ever forget. I climbed the mountain Taung-Chun (a mountain peak that is very near to S.A.G.) for the second time without any expectations. There, I was so thankful with the friends I have and for the blessings of life. We also went to the Russian Lake that was a little bit far from S.A.G. with Bro. Joseph. That was very exciting! I found out that the place where I’m being deployed has a lot of lovely tourist attractions I’ve never been before. I’m blessed. I even immersed myself in going to the outreach site one Thursday evening to see the practicum students teaching to a bunch of adorable little children.

Outside the pagoda where the Novitiation took place one early morning.

Recently, I’ve also been to Nyaung Shwe again with Tr. Yi for to attend the last day of Novitiation Ceremony, one of the noblest ceremonies for Buddhists in Myanmar. It was so wonderful to see lots of people gathering in one place and having fun. For me, all of these experiences that I have are the things that I’m always thankful of.

Let the children’s smiles or laughter, remind us how we used to be…

Time passes quickly when you did something productive every single day, something that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. And at the end of the day, you feel satisfied with all your fruitful deeds you’ve done as if there’s nothing to regret anymore.

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