A Brief Reflection on the 1st Communication Arts Fest 2016 of S.A.G.

Communication plays a big part in our lives today. Sometimes, we forget just how important communications are to our success, relationships, and, ultimately, happiness in life. This is also true for the students whose English is their foreign and second language. Listening and speaking are quite challenging classroom objectives for many language arts teachers. Students use language for a variety of purposes quite naturally and meaningfully. The oral language skill, specifically English, has a lot of inadequacies. It may be hard for them to express ideas, feelings, and beliefs. They may not be able to speak enough about school-related topics as well. Because of these, various communication activities (Speech Choir, Vocal Solo, Essay Writing, Spelling Bee, Storytelling and Role Playing) are made which they will think about communications in new and different ways than they ever did before. These activities are meant to provide them an avenue for holistic growth, to strengthen their camaraderie, to help them better understand some aspect of communications and gain expertise in that communications skill or competency, to integrate with the other courses such as Basic Composition’s Performance Task, as well as to develop their confidence expressing themselves using the English Language. They will also find these activities not only useful but memorable as well.

The 1st Com Arts Fest 2016 of S.A.G. Integrated Program students was truly a wonderful and momentous two-day event. It was held last September 16 and 17, 2016 at S.A.G field. I had conveyed my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to all people (students and teachers) who had contributed and participated in the program. I couldn’t have done it without the help of them.

As a volunteer teacher in Myanmar for 3 months already, I was emotionally stricken by the students’ responses when I divided them into separate groups during our class. I told them this: “The reason why I divided you into groups is for you to know your classmates whom you’re not close to.” But then, some of them told me: “Mr. Dats, even if we are apart from our closest friends, those members in our group are already our closest friends.” The students are really friendly to one another regardless of the bad odor of their classmates, different faith, culture and customs. They cooperate to whatever activities they have in school. They also added that they are not just friends, but a family. S.A.G. is their home and they always have respect to one another. Well, I’m just happy for them!


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