My Writing Experience

            In the process of writing poems or stories, it’s natural for a writer to take time just to write his/her first line. It’s not an easy task for me to write quickly knowing that it requires a lot of figures of speech, styles, colorful and vivid words, dramatization, and defamiliarization in order for a work to be beautiful and meaningful.

            When writing a fiction for example, I should consider The Importance of the Single Effect in a Prose Tale of Poe. This means that all short stories should have this “Single-Unified Effect” and that all events and details of the story should contribute to this effect. I write my own stories based on experience where everything in my story resonates. There is also the saying “NO WORD IS INNOCENT” in which every word contributes to the theme of the story. Every word of a short story has a meaning and that’s why we have the term “Chekhov’s Gun.”  An object, image, or action that we think irrelevant to the short story literally has a deeper meaning.

            In addition, writing requires lots of reading. We wouldn’t be a good writer if we’re not into reading. To read is to dream as well. It’s like that we are curiously reading a particular story in just one sitting. When we read, we set aside and forget the world around us. We put ourselves within the story that we are reading without any interruption (we should not let ourselves be awakened until we finish the last word of the whole story) in order for us, readers and future writers, to appreciate and understand the story clearly. And once we appreciate the story we’ve just read, then we begin to incorporate the author’s style of writing on our work. That is how writing and reading works for me.


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