Why I write

There are many reasons why writing is important to everyone. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to express our thoughts indirectly. Not all people are extrovert who are fond of telling their stories to others directly. There are some who want to express their thoughts indirectly through poems and stories. That is why we have creative writing: to express our thoughts in a creative and meaningful way. Basically, I write because I want to. I write for me to pass time. When I get bored, I simply write. Writing then is something which satisfies my soul. I write because I need to. It’s a daily routine for my mental and physical strength. Writing many poems and stories is like survival training. Physical strength is as necessary as artistic sensitivity. Writing creatively also forces me to use my imagination in ways that makes me more aware of, and also question, my surroundings. I have read various works of every famous writer locally, nationally and globally. I have admired their works because of their subject matters and styles of writing. But I realized that I shouldn’t just keep on admiring the works of others. I should also learn and strive to become one of them. Maybe this is the time for me to write my own poems or stories based on my perspective. For just one word subject, I can write hundreds and thousands of words to it. I like to write things which remind me of someone, things which make me happy, things which make me sad, things which make me remember my childhood, and whatever comes along. When I see a single and simple object in my room or maybe in any part of our home, I write a poem to it if it’s interesting enough. I write truthfully most of the time. I write poems and essays straight from my heart. I also write stories based on the people whom I encountered and not just mere imaginations. Writing then is unlimited. My writing will live forever even if I die. It’s the only way for my name to become immortal to everyone.


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